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I'm not looking for a price specifically. I just want to sell my piano and am not sure what the going rate is (so to speak). I have a Shafer and Sons Upright with Grand Piano Finish(very Glossy) It hasn't been played in years, so would need tuning.
I took this information off the inside. VS42(in a metal plague inside) then stamped next to it is 700266( I am assuming the serial number) I believe we paid about 5 or 6k back when my son was like 7 or 8 and he's 31 now. It is in perfect condition, no scratches or anything, the bench seat needs a hinge, but that's all.

Can anyone just ball park what would be a fair selling price? Thank you in advance.




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    We also have a Schaefer & Sons upright (50's era i think) and we'd like to sell it and get a baby I'm also curious. We bought it used for about $3K about 10yrs. ago.

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