Scary USB Skull Detects Motions, Frightens Curious People

by Red Brick  |  11 years, 5 month(s) ago

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Scary USB Skull Detects Motions, Frightens Curious People

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  1. zarnigar
    It is very annoying when people pass your cubicle and peep inside to see what you are doing. It is lack of respect for your privacy and dignity. What if you are caught playing with yourself! Oh, the shame! Well, punish these peeping toms by buying a USB Motion Sensor Skulls which light up when someone passes by and even makes some strange and scary noises to frighten those evil passers by. They deserve to be scared so, don’t they? You just got to place this strategically on your desk and you will not have those weird passers by again. On the contrary, they might get curious and even drop inside your cubicle to ask how much this costs. In that case, I would be a little skeptical about this stupid gadget. Get this at Brando for a mere $13. It is fun and silly. In any case it may even help you get the attention when no one pays you any, as you may be the most boring person on the planet.

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