Samsung bendable TV demo at CES 2014

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We’ve just witnessed Michael Bay’s meltdown at CES, but let’s get back to the real meat here – new televisions. Samsung took to the stage at CES to unveil their brand new innovative 85-inch TV that has the ability to curve and bend itself at the press of a button.

Samsung has been wowing consumers with their curved UHD TV sets, but this takes the style and glamour to another level we feel. In the near future, you will be able to buy an 85-inch TV from Samsung, that you can manually curve yourself with the remote control.

There is no price or release date yet for Samsung’s bendable TV, as it remains a concept product at the moment and something to really hit the headlines during this year’s show in Las Vegas.

Thankfully, we have a video for you to watch which shows how the TV can bend itself. When not in use, consumers will simply be able to return the TV to its flat position – a first of its kind.

When wanting a curved form, users will then have the option of curving depending on which viewing angle they prefer – Samsung has already said that a curved form will offer a ‘better viewing experience’.

Motors inside the frame bend the TV back to a flat form..
Motors inside the frame bend the TV back to a flat form..
Watch a glimpse of the future below and give us your reaction to Samsung’s 85-inch bendable TV. Is this something you would consider buying when the price is right?

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