Samsung Galaxy S5 with new design

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We knew that when CES 2014 came around this would start a new round of Galaxy S5 features; this is because Samsung usually showcases a few pieces of technology that could find their way inside its next flagship smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S5 noticeably different design

While this might not be the case this time around, that has not stopped Samsung from discussing what we can expect from the next model, and if we are to believe what Lee Young Hee has been sharing at the Consumer Electronics Show, then the Samsung Galaxy S5 design will be noticeably different.

This comes as good news to those loyal to the model because the difference between the S3 and S4 was very minor, with some people finding it hard to tell the difference from a distance.

While chatting to Bloomberg, Hee said that Samsung is to go “back to basics” with the design of the Galaxy S5 and so we expect to see a difference with several of its features, such as to its display and rear cover. Whether this will mean a curved display and metal body is anyone’s guess, but it does look highly likely. We wonder if the S5 will look anything like this concept?

As for the Samsung Galaxy S5 release date, there had been rumors of an earlier launch, but it is more likely to be released in April, just as the S4 was last year.

That’s not all though, as Hee said that when Samsung unveils the S5 they would also debut the Galaxy Gear 2. This successor to the first model will be very welcome seeing as though Samsung already admitted that they rushed the release of the original and so will soon make it up to its customers.

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