Samsung Galaxy S5 internals signifies departure

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Months before a new iPhone or iPad is due to be released we always see so-called leaked images of their internals, such as its frame. This is normally a good indication as to its overall design, and going on that assumption, then the rumored Galaxy S5 metal frame seen below signifies a departure for Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S5 internals signifies departure

If what we are looking at is the real deal, then we could see a huge design change, one that would be a benefit for the Galaxy S5. Samsung is known for using plastic for all of its previous Galaxy handsets, which would often make these handsets feel cheap and creak a little when holding them.

However, it does make the handsets more durable and cheap to make, although it is not as rigid as an iPhone or HTC One.

We should not get too ahead of ourselves here because this might be fake. However, let us say this is the actual frame for the Galaxy S5, it doesn’t mean the entire phone will be made from metal like the HTC One.

So far what we are looking at is just a frame and Samsung could stick with a plastic exterior because consumers love the idea of being able to replace a battery, something that would be tough with an all-metal exterior.

Samsung is in a bit of a catch-22 because while its customers want a radical Galaxy S5 design, they also want the ability to remove the battery. However, Samsung should be able to give its customers the best of both worlds so watch this space.

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