Samsung 105-inch UHD TV sets barrier high

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Aside from the unveiling of the world’s first 85-inch bendable TV, Samsung also had some other fantastic televisions to show during CES 2014. One of these is another world first – a Samsung 105-inch UHD curved TV that Samsung claims will offer the same picture quality that you would normally see in a local cinema.

Samsung 105-inch UHD TV sets barrier high

Unfortunately though, Samsung’s 105-inch UHD curved TV price in the US may ultimately force you to look away. We already see existing UHD models for the company selling at around $69,000, so obviously you should expect a price in the same region if not higher.

In terms of dazzling on first impressions though, this TV is a real beauty. It features a whopping 5120 x 2160 resolution with a 21:9 aspect ratio – the finest quality out there at the moment. That is easily a 4K resolution for those looking for one this year, but 21:9 is well above the full HD standard of 16:9 that comes with most conventional sets.

If you are impressed by what your 1080p TV can do at the moment, we can’t imagine the joy to be had with one of these Samsung UHD TVs that offers a 2160p picture quality. Just think about playing your next-gen PS4 or Xbox One games on this TV for a minute – it is the stuff of dreams.

As we wait for Samsung to finalize a price and announce UK, US release date availability, we have included a video below showing the 105-inch beast up close and personal.

For $70,000 plus though, would you ever be tempted in your life to buy one of these TVs?

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