Sample of Extended Maternity Leave Letter

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Sample of Extended Maternity Leave Letter. Precise guidelines on how to write an Extended Maternity Leave Letter, complete examples, writing styles, message & Format to write Extended Maternity Leave Letter

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    After the delivery of a newborn, many mothers need time to recover. Working mothers are able to do this by taking a maternity leave from work so that they can rest and recuperate at home with out the stress of a job. This scheduled break can be extremely beneficial because it gives the new mother a piece of mind that they have a spot back at the office waiting for them once they return. As with all matters relating to health, their are no guarantees that a person will recover with in the given time frame. Sometimes an employee might need a few more days or weeks to come back to full strength. In that case, a extended maternity leave letter is sent as a request to increase the number of days of maternity leave. Learn <a href="">How to Write Extended Maternity Leave Letter</a> See <a href="">Free Template of Extended Maternity Leave Letter</a>

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