Saga International Inc Safe Deposit Box. I have a Saga Saf-D-posit Model 1145. The key #3355. I

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I have a Saga Saf-D-posit Model 1145. The key #3355. I went to open it today the key is not working. I noticed the tape ( always had it type) over the combo lock but after 25 yrs it had fallen off and I guess the combo lock moved. Do you know how I can get the combo so the key will work again. Thanks

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  1. Guest28151375

    I have the same problem.

  2. Guest28112296

    I also have a SAGA Saf-d-posit model 1245. The company is long out of business and no way to get original key blanks or combinations. I was able to get extra keys made for mine. The key blanks used was a Ford automotive key, A 62 VC blank. These blanks are thin enough and long enough but because they are a little different at the head of the blank when the key is used in the safe, it cannot be pushed in all the way. Hope this helps all of the SAGA safe owners.



  3. Guest25025998

    I have a Saga model 1145 I've lost one of my keys, the key I have has 02 marked on it, do you have a replacement key, I went to a lock smith and they said I had wright the company for that key, Thank you, Joe

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