What are the specifications of 1985 goldwing limited?

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My husband purchased 1985 Goldwing Limited, we are overweight , I want to know about the specifications of 1895 Goldwing. How much weight it can take?

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    1985 Honda Goldwing Limited is a bike which was very popular at his period. It was designed to keep in mind the heritage of American classical bikes. Its compact design allows it to carry more luggage of more weight and it also has some extra space for luggage and for carrying more passengers.
    Some of the best features of goldwing are Fuel Injection with AM/FM with Cassette Stereo. Its suspension is controlled by both auto and manual suspension leveling. It has On board Air Compressor. It has Multi function on board trip computer. It also has the facility of Closed circuit audio system. Its Speedometer is digital and also has graphical tachometer.
    Its other accessories include Engine Guards, Front fender extender, Leather Pockets. Quick release for battery Tender. It has Original Tool Kit and User Manual. It is a real joy ride if you go on to travel to the highways. Its 6 features like trip-odometer, stop watches, real time fuel and speed calculators and many other features provide a unique experience of driving.
    Its model name is GL 1200 DX Goldwing. It was manufactured in the year 1985. It is basically designed for touring purposes. Its engine power is 1200 cc. It has four cylinders and it’s a four stroke bike. Its engine produces 94 HP which is enough to carry luggage and people smoothly to their destination. It has 5 speed gearbox. It has enough power to support both of you and can take to your destination since it is designed to carry heavy loads.

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