Strange rumor about Wizard of Oz.

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What can you tell me about the strange rumor that someone hung their self on the set of the Wizard of Oz and it was actually captured in background of the film and not edited out. Do you have any information about this? Someone please share your knowledge here. I would be really great full to you by this help.

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  1. jamiestone

    I had watch this movie and i really like the story of it.

  2. Guest23287437

    I would be glad to tell you what really happened... the scene you are speaking of is when Dorothy and the Scarecrow first meet the Tin Man, after the Wicked Witch appears and threatens them, and then they go into singing "We're off to See the Wizard.” When they turn around and are walking stage up, towards the background scenery, in the background you can see "something" bobbing up and down that's short in stature.

    MGM had virtually any and every item/animal/person/gadget at their disposal. They hired wild birds to be on set that day in the background for the scene. If you watch this scene on a big screen or zoomed in on your computer you will see peacocks and giant geese all over the set in the background. That is what is being mistaken for a munchkin hanging himself. It's a large bird flapping its wings and bobbing its long neck up and down. As for the munchkins, there were approximately 130 little people running around on set and were only present when needed and that was a limited time. MGM wasn't going to foot the hotel/food/alcohol bill of these performers any longer than necessary and the production was behind as it is. No one hung themselves on the set; the worst injuries were suffered my Margaret Hamilton, the Wicked Witch of the West, which were third degree burns and I believe a broken ankle. Hope this dissolves any rumors! Make sure to tell all your friends! This is the most common misconception about the film.


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