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Im in a relationship with my girlfriend we have been together for 2 years now and we have a baby that's 7 months old, and we live at my father's house , when we started to have a baby everything went well and she takes care of the baby while I work and get some money to feed us. Just last month she started to always go out of town and sleep at her father's house and her father is not there she's alone, she leaves us here and I am force to take care of the baby. I asked her why she is always going out she just says "she doesn't like it here, she feels trapped " and just today she went away again to her father's house, she went there because her father was there but her father is going home tomorrow and she told me that she's going home 3 days after. She's always been like this she seems like she ain't ready to become a mother yet, she wants always to go out to the mall with her"single" friends and leaves us here. She also is starting to treat me like I'm nothing to her. We had a lot of fights recently because she doesn't want to go home and is always asking time for herself where in fact I've given her days to go out and do anything she wants while she's out of town.
So my question is how do I deal with this, do I give us ourselves a cool off so she could realize and hopefully change? Or do I just break up with her.

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