SEO techniques for beginners

by nauman  |  10 years, 11 month(s) ago

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I want to be SEO expert and want to start my career as soon as possible. How can i start it i am lerning s****. reading about it how can i implement what i have learnt?

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  1. Sanket Patel

    Before starting the process of seo, you must have the knowledge for the keywords and their usage. You should also need to know about the meta tags, alt tags and header tags. If you have proper knowledge of these things, its implementation gives you the best results for your website.

  2. TedSmiths

    Before trying wordpress or blogger, you should have a background in web development, just a basic knowledge will get the job done, as for me, ive doing seo work for almost a year now, I keep learning and learning everyday.

    Thanks to this wonderful company at

  3. Guest22314
    Start a blog using or Blogger. Then you can experiment stuff you learned from books and other internet resources freely.
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    I want to be SEO expert and want to start my career as soon as possible. How can i start it i am lerning SEO by rea...
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