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My name is Michelle and We just bought model # DP42740 and we have had nothing but problem with the TV. first the volume sounds like it's skipping all the time, second when we turn the TV on it says no signal but then if we change the channel it brings up the channel, then when were watching TV we notice that once and a while the top of the picture is black and white flickering last when we change from one channel to another it takes forever for the channel to come up more so when we change from hd to reg or reg to hd. please help. my serial # is B0180650009679. thank you.

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    My sanyo 42" plasma seems to not work with the HDMI connections with the sound after two years of having this tv. It pops up a screen that says that this is a DVI connection and I have to use RCA cables for the left and right audio in video input 3 to get any audio at all. It also likes to turn it's self on an off. I am haunted with sanyo problems.

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    If you have an issue regarding SANYO TELEVISION than you should must visit their service center for assistance because they van guide you better what to do and will definitely resolve the problem.

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