S.F. Giants' Pitcher Brian Wilson needs to join the WWE

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Hi, I want to know reason that why S.F. Giants' Pitcher Brian Wilson Needs to Join the WWE, please tell me answer, thanks.

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  1. James Augustus

    I havn't found any news about the S.F. Giants' Pitcher Brian Wilson of joining the WWE. However, he is well renowned for having an odd personality. At the start of his career in the 2010 MLB All Star Game he was dressed in a two of brilliant orange spikes at his debut and was dressed in it all throughout the season.
    He furthermore got popularity for having a mohawk hairstyle and while on a street journey at the start of August 2010 he begun increasing a broad whiskers, which he started staining very dark at the start of September, whereas he has deferred responding inquiries on the topic. During the Giants' playoff run, followers taken up the assault bawl "Fear the Beard."
    He has several tattoos. He had a dragon on his left shoulder finished to respect his father. He furthermore has the phrases "In nomine patris" ("In the title of the father") over his barrel in supplement to a Celtic traverse with lettering on his right wrist that he got while on a journey to Ireland with Dallas Braden.
    In 2011 he emerged in a financial for the video game Major League Baseball 2K11 in which he converses about his whiskers and is furthermore cut off by "digital Brian." He furthermore was boasted in Major League Baseball's "Always Epic" crusade and a commecial for ESPN SportsCenter.


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