Imporatnce of Routine safety checking and maintenance of equipment in a child care setting?

by Guest87  |  12 years ago

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health and safety in a child care setting

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  1. Mitchel

    If you are managing a group of children who all fall in the age group of 3-6 years, you need to mantain, routine safety checking and the mantainance of the equipment. make sure that the electric plug are covered. in order to prevent children putting their fingers or objects into sockets.
    The Cupboard door should be locked. in order to prevent children from opening cupboards which may contain hazardous items.
    Never place wall mounted boiling hot water dispenser.
    make sure that the foam and carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are located in different areas within the setting that are easily accessible to adults in case of any emergency.Fire blankets should always be kept, which can be used if a child gets burned, then they can be used to prevent the kid from further burns.

  2. Guest20728399
    routine in safety checking: ensure that all equipment and materials are safe for play before and after a session.. safe storage: any medical substances, cleaning products must be stored out of reach of children in a locked cupboard or drawer. disposal of waste: waste must be disposed of appropriately, ready for insineration, to prevent spread of bacteria or virus. hope that helps xx
  3. Guest1994
    Yes, very important. What's the question, though?
  4. Guest2950
    I agree with you 100 percent that this should be done but at the same time what do you need.........................

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