Router not resetting properly

by John Young  |  9 years, 10 month(s) ago

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I forgot the password to my 3com wireless router and so pushed the reset button at the back of the router. The lights flashed and the router rebooted but as soon as I went back to the log on page and tried the default password it wouldn't log me in. I tried ressetting it again and again but it just doesn't seem to be working would really appreciate some help on this asap as internet is not working because of this. Thanks

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  1. Ali Abdullah
    Hi, You need to try to reset the router to factory defaults. To reset your router to factory defaults, use the following procedure: 1) Power down all computers, the router, and the modem, and unplug them from the wall. 2) Disconnect all wires from the router. 3) Power up the router and allow it to fully boot (1-2 minutes). 4) Press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds, then release it, then let the router reset and reboot (2-3 minutes). 5) Power down the router. 6) Connect one computer by wire to port 1 on the router (NOT to the internet port). 7) Power up the router and allow it to fully boot (1-2 minutes). 8) Power up the computer (if the computer has a wireless card, make sure it is off). 9) Try to ping the router. To do this, click the "Start" button > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt. A black DOS box will appear. Enter the following: "ping" (no quotes), and hit the Enter key. You will see 3 or 4 lines that start either with "Reply from ... " or "Request timed out." If you see "Reply from ...", your computer has found your router. 10) Open your browser and point it to This will take you to your router's login page. Leave the user name blank, and in the password field, enter "admin" (with no quotes). This will take you to your router setup page. Note the version number of your firmware (usually listed near upper right corner of screen). Exit your browser. If you get this far without problems, try the setup disk (or setup the router manually, if you prefer), and see if you can get your router setup and working. If you cannot get "Reply from ..." in step 9 above, your router is probably dead. There is one last hope - try to reset the router to factory defaults wirelessly: Power down the entire system. Disconnect all wires from the router. Power up the router and allow it to fully boot (1-2 minutes). Now try to connect to the router wirelessly, then try to do step 10 above. Instead of exiting your browser at the end of that step, simply tell the router to "reset to factory defaults". This usually appears somewhere in the "Administration" section of the router setup pages. When you do this, you will loose your wireless connection to the router. Don't worry about that. Allow the router to reset and reboot (2-3 minutes), then return to the procedure above starting at step 5. (When you get back to step 9, if you still cannot get "Reply from ...", then your router really is dead.) If you get a reply in step 9, but cannot complete step 10, then either your router is dead or the firmware is corrupt. In this case, use the Linksys tftp.exe program to try to reload your router with the latest firmware. After reloading the firmware, repeat the above procedure starting with step 1. Hope it helps


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