Rough idea of Condo price in Admiralty, Singapore

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I am in Admiralty, Singapore for next six months for a course I am taking. I am currently staying with a close friend, but I want accommodation. Me and a few more friends who came with me to attend this course are looking for a Condo here in Admiralty. Can someone please tell me how much is the rent of Condo in the Admiralty, Singapore and how do I get one for cheaper prices?

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  1. Danial

    Condos in Admiralty, Singapore are quite expensive if you are a single person, but as you said you are a group of friends who together wants a condo, it can a reasonable option for you. Normally the rents of Condos in Admiralty would not cost you anything less than $5000. But do check out recent listings by owners at, and I am sure you will be able to find a good deal till $4000. It’s always good to save some money when you are abroad, and saving money on accommodation, especially in Singapore is not that easy. I hope my idea of online search will help you!
    Best of luck!

  2. Guest23203076

    I think, it is more than $5000 now......a Condo in Admiralty cannot be less than 5k!

  3. Guest23203071

     When I was there in Admiralty, a few months back, I was paying abouot 5500 a month. I am not sure if it's less than 5000 anywhere there!

  4. Singapore Guide
    In Admiralty, Singapore you can get a Condo at rent of about US$ 4700.

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