Half worn and new rotating tires

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Would you recommend rotating tires in the usual manner with one new tire and three half-worn tires? Can I make this combination? Is it possible to drive a car with this combination? Tell me if you have any information about it. I have no idea, whether to use all new tires or I can use old and new tires on the same time. I hope you can give me some useful information regarding half worn and new tire impact.


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  1. John


    Due to uneven wear, I do not recommend using a new tire with half worn tires to start with. It is not a good combination and I will never ever recommend you to use it. You know it will affect the speed of your car as well. And the overall body weight of the car will increase pressure on the old ones.

    For rotating, it will not make any more of a difference where that tire is on the car. It will still have uneven wear, brake different and handle different. But still it is not recommended to use old and new combination. But I must say it again that using this combination is not suitable if you are diving on a long route. I hope you can understand it easily, as I have explained the difference. Still if you want to do some sort of experiment, then you are more than welcome. I am happy to be of your help.


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