Rosemary Bushes Turning Brown

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Rosemary Bushes Turning Brown

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    There could be many reasons for the rosemary bushes to turn brown: Spider Mite Infestation Black Spot Maybe too hot or too sunny Fertilizer maybe wrong could also be potassium deficiency Could be salt, wind or sun burn The spider mites can be washed off the leaves with a hose that sprays water hard. Another way to get rid of spider mites is to apply a miticide preparation that you buy from a local nursery. You should treat the rose bushes once each week during the summer. Another way to get rid of spiders are to buy ladybugs; they snack spider mites. Black Spot are the sign of leaves to turn yellow soon after Another reason that the leaves on a rose bush turn brown is black spot, which is a mycelium, a fungus. First the disease makes the leaves develop brown or black spots. Next the leaves turn yellow and fall off the rose bush. Treat the rose bush with a fertilizer after removing the infected leaves and canes.

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