Roommate refusing to pay rent despite joint lease and only 2 months left

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So we've been living together for almost a year now, four of us, two of which share a bedroom so that we can have a total of four. One of my roommates came to us yesterday and said she is moving saturday and won't pay rent for the next two months (our lease ends in March.) We don't think we can get a replacement for such a short time and all of us are on the lease "jointly and severaly" which I understand means it doesn't matter who pays as long as the full amount gets paid. Our land lady (a property manager) says she cannot be removed form the lease, noone can be added to the lease, meaning we can't get a replacement either, and it's our problem.

We tried to negotiate something within our abilities, we are all students, but she won't even pay a fourth of her fourth and insists that our security deposits will have to due. The deposits aren't enough in the first place and our lease does not allow for that. What can we do? We've already arranged for a meeting with the student life dean and her sorority to see if they could talk some sense into her. We had no idea her intentions till now.

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    Tell her that you are the one paying for all the things and it's hard for you to pay for everything and she has to contribute too

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