Roller Crusher Will Meet Some Problems in the Development

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Roller Crusher Will Meet Some Problems in the Development

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     Roller crusher can be used in metallurgy, building material, refractory material industrial, used for crushing media and high hardness material. This series roller crusher main composed by roller, roller supporting bearings, compress and adjusting device and driving device. Discharging size adjustment: there are wedge shape or gasket adjusting device between rollers, there are adjusting bolts installed on top of wedge shape device, when adjusting bolts pull up wedge block, wedge block will moving leave from fixed wheel. There are teeth roll crusher and double roll crusher.

    Roll crusher development today, technology has tends to matured, creat energy-saving condition, construction, coal, chemical, ore processing industrial. However, with roller crushing equipment applicate in many more industrials, roller crushing plant appeared the following problems:

    1. The crushing equipment develpment is a complex system project, it needs powerful technical support, matured production process and many other requirements, we low cost on this side. Industrial production and basic research funding scale aren't balance. Crusher manufacturers only care about the immediate benefits, they do not want to invest in basic research funding, that's to say low research funding invest lead to low technical content. They can't competitive with foreign country, only depend low price to keep the market competitive. Therefore, they can't occupy long time market competitive. In china, the most application field of crushing machine is cement industrial, paving industrial and mining industrial, crushing plant occupy 20% of the whole industrial.


    2. National many crusher suppliers are small scale production equipment, most of them are the same, they have weakness competitive on the market. If they suffering market requirements change, they can't midway transhipment in time and easy to eliminate by market.

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