Role of Toyota in setting up social networking.

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I have heard Toyota is setting up social networking, can you tell me how it is collaborating with other companies or how it is building up its network?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Toyota is moving towards to set up a social networking service along with the help of a U.S. Internet company and Microsoft so that the drivers can interact with their cars in such a way that is same as posting on face book or twitter.
    Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corp. and, which are based in San Francisco, they announced their alliance Monday to launch the “Toyota Friend,” which is a private social network for Toyota owners.
    In a demonstration at the showroom of Tokyo , the owner of a plug-in Prius hybrid was found out through a cell phone message from his car Prius called “Pre-boy” that later he should remember to recharge his car overnight.
    When the owner plugged his car to charge, the car replied, the charge will be completed by 2:15.
    Since most of the next-generation cars need to be recharged, drivers then need real-time information, like the battery level of their cars and also the locations of charging stations, more than the regular gas-engine cars. These exchanges will then be kept secret. Although there is not a detail provided about how the technology helped in the talking of the car but the answers was delivered through the sensors of the car. Toyota is now investing 442 million yen which is equal to ($5.5 million), Microsoft Corp. is now investing 335 million yen which is equal to ($4.1 million) and Many cars are already equipped with navigation and other network-linking capabilities that make them almost like mobile devices. The Management team of Toyota said that cars can become friends with users and customers will see this in future. According to Toyota this initial system was based on Microsoft’s platform and will start in 2012 in Japan which was then transferred to other models and cars, initially it was offered in electric vehicles.


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