Role of Pakistan Post in the country development

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Hi, I want to know some information about Pakistan Post, its duties and responsibilities in the country’s progress, thanks.

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  1. kate

     Even during this digital age, the Postal services are still an important mean of communication for thousand people. In order to keep pace with the modern and advance communications market, Posts are randomly using new communication and information approaches to move beyond what is traditionally regarded as their core postal business. They are meeting higher users’ expectations with an expanded range of products and value‐added services. The Pakistan Post Office has a broad and important role for the country’s overall progress and It provides an important Communication link to individual and businesses owners.
    It is one of perfect source of exchange of official, commercial and private letters and documents. It is best mode of the dissemination of knowledge, culture and information on national and current issues through a low priced transmission of printed material and newspapers. This also provides different facilities to trade and industry for exchange of their sample of merchandise at minimum affordable rate for the remittances of money from person to person and it is also an important department for rafts and money delivery through postal orders. The Pakistan post also gives few financial services, for instance savings bank facilities and gives life insurance services through Postal Life Insurance services.

    The services of Pakistan are available in every corner of the country through a network of more than 13,000 post offices. Pakistan Post is giving delivery services approximately more than 20 Million households and businesses communities without any cost considerations. In addition to its traditional responsibility, the Pakistan post also conduct agency functions on behalf of Federal and Provincial governments, which inter alias include Saving Bank, Postal Life Insurance, Collection of Taxes, Collection of Electricity, Water, Sui gas and telephone bills.

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