Roland Stika SV-15... won't cut properly!

by Guest2966090  |  11 years ago

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I have a Roland Stika SV-15 that I am having problems with the pressure of my blade. I have done all the basic troubleshooting... new blade, new protector sheet, adjusted the amount of blade, oiled shaft... I am stuck, It still won't penetrate the vinyl enough for a clean cut to weed.

Any advice????

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  1. Guest10039675
    I have a Roland Stika SX-8 and am currently having some troubles cutting as well. Mine seems to be jamming along the way, so letters are overlapping, or are completely out of alinement - even missing letters all together.. I read your comment about oiling the shaft.. I think that might be just what I need, but I've never done that before.. any advice? What kind of oil do I use? Would WD40 work?

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