Roehr 180HP V-Roehr Superbike and its major specs

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Just rank the new 2011 Roehr 180HP V-Roehr Superbike. I have heard a lot of stuff about this and want to know more that what the deviant specs of this outstanding sports bike are. I hope you can provide me some useful information related to its outstanding specs and qualities.

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  1. John

     The 180 horsepower 1250cc supercharged version of the V-Roehr Superbike looks like it will be going ahead for 2008. Roehr announced today they've acquired a financial partner which will give them the necessary funding to complete development and begin production next year. The Harley Davidson Revolution powered sport bike looks very interesting and seeing this small U.S. Company turning out a 180 horsepower corner carver is definitely a positive development. I'm looking forward to seeing these on the road.

    The famous and well shaped Roehr 1250sc has a good output prototype which has been accomplished and designs are to start output late this year. This mega sport bike is driven by a 180 hp supercharged Harley Davidson famous engine. This should be one exceedingly intriguing motorcycle. I really like the blown Revolution engine. The 1250sc is driven by a particularly evolved 180hp, supercharged typse of the Harley-Davidson Revolution motor, producing the Roehr 1250sc the fastest and most mighty sports wheeler, constructed in America. It’s a trendy bike and made for ultimate pleasure on a hilly mountain or a long drive.

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