Weights are real in new Rocky movie?

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Im still confused about the new Rocky movie. Are they using real weights in the new Rockie movie or just fakes to fantasize the film audience. I just want to know that weights which are used in the new Rockie movie are fake or real one because its quite difficult to make a difference. I have heard a lot about fake weights in different action movies, where heroes are just showing hard work by lifting heavy weights.

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  1. John
    Dear Bob, I have not seen the new Rocky movie so far, but I have heard a lot about the movie that it was really a good action movie. No doubt, in some action movies, they do use fake weights to surprise the film audience, but there are actually some with real weights as well. i have seen a lot of films where actors are using real weights while weight lifting. Often times in movies with bodybuilders as actors, take real weights, for example Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold always used real weights. In the movie \"Red Heat\" with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Arnold curls a barbell with an immense amount of weight on it, and it was real weight. So I think saying that weights are mostly fake is unjustified, as now film audience is quite wise enough to understand the difference. Thanks, Bob! I do plan on seeing this movie, and i will see for myself and have a close look on the actual weights.

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