What are Rock and water cycles on earth?

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How does earth is affected by the Rock and Water cycles, Are there any climate changes that occur due to these cycles. Can anyone tell?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    The Water cycle is also known as Hydrogen Cycle and it can be described as the continuous movement of water on and below the surface of the Earth. There are different states which Water can acquire like liquid, vapor and ice at different places in the water cycles. The balance of the earth remains same over time, the individual water molecules can come and go and they can move in the atmosphere. The water moves from one reservoir to another, just like from river to ocean, and similarly from ocean to the atmosphere. There are different processes which result in evaporation, condensation, precipitation, infiltration, runoff and substance flow. Water goes into different phases like liquid, solid and gas.
    The hydrologic cycle is responsible for the changes in the temperature which involves the heat energy. We have an example of evaporation where water transforms the energy from it surroundings and cools the environment. On the opposite side. Similarly, for the process of condensation, the energy is released through water to the surroundings which results in rising the temperature of the atmosphere.
    The rock cycle is defined as dynamic transitions through geologic time with respect to the three main rock types named as sedimentary rocks, metamorphic and igneous rocks. There are certain conditions which can change the state of a rock like it might get destroyed when it faces equilibrium conditions. An igneous rock when exposed to atmosphere might break down, the example of igneous rock is basalt. Rocks do not remain in equilibrium and they are forced to change when they encounter new environments.

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