Why Elvis Presley hated Robert Goulet?

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I am a diehard fan of Elvis Presley, and have been following information related to his life and music for a long time; I recently came across this interesting fact about Elvis Presley’s life that he was extremely, annoyed by Robert Goulet, and even shot his TV whenever he was on air. It was a pretty weird behavior on Presley’s part, and he must have spent great deal of money on TVs. I would love to know the real cause behind Elvis hate and dislike for Pobert Goulet.

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  1. Mitchel

    Well, it’s an interesting part of Elvis life, and almost every person has such characters in his/her life. There are several reasons for Elvis dislike for Robert Goulet, first was Goulet’s unimpressive, monotone, corpse-like and boring stage performances and stage appearances. The other reason involved an unpleasant event that took place while Elvis, was staying at Germany.
    During his stay at Germany, Elvis was seeing a woman named Anita Wood. Anita, was related to Goulet, as she worked on his show as an extra. During Elvis’s stay at Germany, he received an objectionable letter from Goulet in which he had written, "Don't worry, Elvis. I'll take good care of Anita while you're gone!"

    This was the reason that forced Elvis to use his .357 "remote" to always change the TV channel which aired Goulet’s performance. Whenever he came across, Goulet on any TV channel, he immediately made use of his a .357, to shot out the TV and it has been reported he used to scream out aloud, "Get that s&#t outta' my house!". Presley’s TV is currently placed on display at Graceland. It was discovered in his father’s office’s attic.

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