Rim swap for better acceleration

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I have a 1999 Ford Ranger 4x4. It came from the factory with 15x6 steel rims. The tires were 215/75R15. I have purchased a set of aluminum Ford rims. They are 15x7.

My truck is a 3.0 liter. The original tires were replaced under recall with a set of Goodyear Wrangler ATs. I would like to install a set of tires on the aluminum rims that are quite on the highway, and give my equal or better acceleration. The car is not very quick on short onramps. I assume I need a wider tire for the wider rim. Either 225 or 235. Ford puts a 235/75R15 tire on these rims. I was thinking a 235/70R15. I assume a larger diameter would mean slower acceleration. Someone at a tire shop said a 225 tire would work on the 7 inch rim, in which case a 225/70R15 would yield a slightly smaller diameter.
What would you recommend for better acceleration and better highway manner?


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  1. John


    All the tires you have mentioned will fit on a 7\ rim, including the P215/75R15s.

    But you are not going to solve your acceleration problem with these sizes. They are all the same or larger in diameter - and, unfortunately, you are more or less stuck with this as the only way to get a smaller diameter is to go the Extra Load route, and you just cannot get there from where you are.

    I hope this will suit your query but if you still have something to share, then do share with me.


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