Rihanna Dumps Egoistic Boyfriend, Again?

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Rihanna Dumps Egoistic Boyfriend, Again?

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  1. Maira
    Rihanna has Chris Brown dancing to her tunes and yet most of her songs seem to be about dumping her boyfriend. Does this mean there is trouble in paradise or is Riri just bored and trying to give her boy a hint. b***h, I’m special, one of Rihanna’s latest songs, is all about an egoistic man who spends more time preening in front of the mirror than giving attention to his girl friend. The song explains how she allows herself to be duped into going out with a narcissist just because she fell for his ‘bedroom eyes’. The title of the song is what Rihanna imagines keeps going through the man’s mind as she finally begins to see the real side of him and decides to dump him. The song’s tune is jarring and it sounds almost as though Rihanna is trying to sing out of tune, perhaps to bring out the contrast between what she sees and what actually is in reality. Give it a listen though, there’s something about the song that makes it very catchy.

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