Review of LifeTrak Zone R415 smartwatch features

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2013 was more about consumer electronic makers finding their feet in the newly formed market of wearable devices, and we can see that there will be a greater push with these smartwatches and other such devices in 2014. There is a good possibility that Apple will release its iWatch, but lets concentrate on products that we are certain will be hitting the market in the coming months.

Review of LifeTrak Zone R415 smartwatch features

One such device is the LifeTrak Zone R415, which is one such wearable device that boasts some smartwatch features. Some of those features include vibration notifications for calls, emails and text messages, which will require the device to connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

In a short review of the LifeTrak Zone R415 features, Engadget has also seen some of the fitness features, such as being able to keep an eye on your vitals and when it feels you have had enough sleep will wake you.

Keeping with fitness, the watch will track your progress and then keep an eye on your calorie count and other such vitals. There is also an ECG, which you have to press a button to activate, which seems a bit pointless because it would be far better for the watch to keep a constant eye on these.

The release date for the LifeTrak Zone R415 smartwatch is sometime in Q2 of this year and should have a price of around $130, which isn’t as much as you would think.

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