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A former police officer, who shot and killed a man for texting in a Florida movie theater, is being held without bail.
According to the Associated Press, a judge ruled Tuesday that Curtis Reeves be held without bail after he was charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of Chad Oulson.
Authorities say that the retired Tampa cop went to see the flick Lone Survivor on Monday night and got into an altercation with Oulson.
Police say that Reeves told them that Oulson was texting on his phone and making noise, which was disturbing his viewing experience.
The two exchanged words and then Oulson allegedly threw popcorn at Reeves. The 71-year-old became enraged and shot the 43-year-old man with his .380 caliber gun. Oulson’s wife, Nicole, who was in the theater with her husband, was also hit by the bullet but survived.
There were roughly 25 people in the theater at the time of shooting, but no one else was injured.
The Daily Mail reports that after the story surfaced, a woman told authorities that she believes Reeves is the man who told her to stop texting at the same theater on Dec. 28. The woman said he just glared at her after his request.

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