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I have my question regarding the famous singer Barry Manilow who has never looked back ever since he has been singing songs for his fans. My question is related to his likes and dislikes but at this point of time I would like to that which was the favourite restaurant or food spot for Barry Manilow?

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  1. Harry

    Barry Manilow is known almost all over the world particularly in the areas wherever there are dancing and singing fans. While visiting different parts of the world, particularly some European countries, in Australia and in the U.S, ofcourse he would have visited many restaurants. It may not be easy for anyone, perhaps for Barry himself at the age of 67 or 68 which restaurant or a food spot could be his favourite one. As Barry is a big star and ofcourse an entertaining celebrity since early sixties, where ever he will visit, there is every chance that he will be given special attention with certain protocol. If it’s a restaurant as being talked about, the management of the restaurant would be up on their feet so as to serve him and offer him the best that they possibly can. However, there is one news that has been found very much authentic and it says that Barry Manilow is often seen himself enjoying with his friends and sometimes alone. That restaurant has been the famous restaurant of his home town Palms Spring and he has been seen often enjoying a late dinner Saturday night.


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