Resetting the beat on a Kundo 400 day wind. i have wound main spring. pendulum swings feeely but

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i have wound main spring. pendulum swings feeely but escape wheel does not move

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  1. Ali Abdullah
    HI, Setting the beat on a 400-Day clock is quite a difficult operation. The Suspension Unit is attached at its top block to a "saddle", a cylindrical brass block with a slot in it which holds the suspension spring top block. Turning this saddle turns the entire suspension unit. On many clocks there is a set s***w which holds the saddle in position; on others, it is simply friction fit. You should start with the mainspring fully wound. Then give the pendulum no more than one full rotation, and let it settle to a normal swing. As the pendulum swings, you will hear and see the verge release an escape wheel tooth in each direction. You must observe the distance that the pendulum continues to swing in each direction IMMEDIATELY AFTER the escape tooth releases and the clock ticks. This amount of overswing must be exactly equal in both directions. You equalize the overswing by turning the saddle in tiny amounts in one direction or the other, until the overswing is equal in both directions. Because the amount that you are adjusting the saddle is so small, it is very helpful to purchase a 400-Day beat setting tool. This tool clamps onto the saddle, and has a long handle so that you can make tiny adjustments. Once you get the pendulum in beat, you must very carefully tighten the set s***w and release the beat setting tool. Any error in this operation will push the pendulum out of beat once again. Hope it helps

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