Reset Chevy check engine light?

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Lights of my vehicle are not working properly. I want to Reset Chevy check engine light. how can I do this. Please help me!

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  1. James Augustus

    Whenever you face such kind of problem you should study the manual given by the company to solve the problem. This will really helpful for you in fixing your problem. However, you need to check engine light on your Chevy Cavalier that comes on when you find any problem with the emission control system of your vehicle. Sometimes computer of the Cavalier generates and stores wrong codes in the system that indicates a problem with any one of the various sensors. You will need to run the computer diagnostic check to fix whatever is wrong with the car when the light starts blinking. After that you can reset the check engine light. However, the computer of the Cavalier will trigger the light to come back on if you unable to solve the problem exist in your car system.

    First of all you have to open the bonnet and move the retaining bolts or nut counterclockwise on the negative cable clamp of the battery with the help of socket wrench.
    Move downward the cable clamp off the negative battery terminal.
    Reconnect the battery after waiting for five minutes
    Now you start the engine. The check engine light of the Cavalier will reset itself by blinking several times and then shutting off.
    I hope all this will be very helpful for you in solving your lighting problem. Good luck!

  2. Guest10735621
    2004 GMC Seaira over heated how do I reset the engine light???

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