Re:self reliance & taxes, can you ask how much tax our leaders pay themselves?

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Unless our leaders from any party are clean about their own taxes, our nation cannot prosper but to rely on IMF and foreign aid. Each one of them is worth millions of dollars but pay paltry sums, they should be held accountable. It is incumbent on you to bring this out in open, have a honest discussion and make these leaders to commit on air. I would suggest "top leaders" from all parties not just another pointless discussion and n o result in the end. First show what they own, drive, their foreign trips and daily shannigans before asking their tax returns and what they should be paying. Do you think this can be done and you have the 'authority" without causing an uproar? I live abroad and still pay a lot of taxes in Pakistan which I dont think Sharifs, Zardaris or Chaudrys pay together. I will wait for your program to air before putting another question to you. Best wishes MNS (

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