Replacement Tires for 79 Super Beetle.

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I have recently purchased a 79 Super Beetle Epilog Edition with 13,000 miles. I am considering changing the original Michelin 165R15 tires as I am concerned they may not be safe after all these years. The car is in perfect condition as it has been stored in doors. The car shimmy about 50 - 55 MPH. Do you think I should just get them balanced or replace them? If I replace them which tire and size do you recommend? It is difficult finding new technology tires in this size. Do you have any knowledge about this? Can someone suggest me some good tires for this car? I am really looking forward for an expert opinion on this. Thanks in advance for help.

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    Hey there; the latest announcements out of the tire manufacturers concerns the age of tires. They are saying that even tires that are unused should not be used beyond 6 to 10 years of age. Yours would be 25! So replace them immediately. The vibration you are feeling just might be a separation! If you chose to keep the vehicle authentic, then you need to talk to someone who specializes in vintage tires - like Coker Tire.

    However, if that is not important, you will have to find a tire shop that is willing to work with you, because you will need to find a tire that will fit your rim, and that would not be easy! It is very narrow and there are only a few sizes that are made that will fit it, so availability is the key! Hope this would help you finding the right tire from a tire shop you can trust. Best of luck

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