Replacement Tires for 2000 Toyota Avalon

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Right now I am using the second set of standard 16inch Michelin tires which were given to me with the Avalon XLS. Unfortunately, these tires are not up to the mark and I am not happy with the tire wear and performance drop off in rain and snow that occurs after 12k-15k miles. What do you think about the Yokohama AVID V4S or AVID H4S? Do you think I will be any happier with these? By the way I am a more aggressive driver and I need the performance.

Please help me and sort it out this issue for me. I hope you will answer me as quick as you can.


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  1. John


    I am sorry but because I work for a major manufacturer of tires, you should not trust my answer on tire brands. You know there are different brands with different labels. But all are nearly same and the quality is not so different.

    Let me know if you have any option in your mind or if you are unhappy with the tire wear, choose a tire with a greater UTQG tread wear number, but if you are interested in better cornering, this goes the opposite direction.

    Wet traction is graded by the UTQG traction rating, so that is a way to assess that parameter. I hope this will help you. Still have something in your mind than do share it with me. I am always happy to help you.

    Hope this helps.


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