Replace the water pump bypass hose on a Dodge Ram 1500. How can I replace the water pump bypass

by Guest4401246  |  10 years, 1 month(s) ago

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How can I replace the water pump bypass hose without having to remove all othe A/c, radiator, and waterpump?




  1. Guest11556529
    Just remove the bracket that holds the ALT., AC. You do not need to remove the waterpump at all. The whole assembly will lift off as a unit and expose the hose you need to replace.

  2. Guest11119394
    I know theres an easy way and theres a complicated way. the easy yet not so complicated way. is to remove the water pump. And fit long nose angle pliars in there. and squeeze the clamps and next time you put it in u put the clamp in sidewards so there more room just incase you have to change it in the future. The long way would be to unbolt alot of of the add ons like the compressor and such. I figure thats to much work. Its very tight with the pliars and can take some time. if you dont have the right tools. Best of luck.

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