Replace the Thermostat in a Dodge Grand Caravan

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The radiator of my dodge grand caravan is leaking in spite of repairing. I did not get success in fixing it. Now I am going to replace it. Please guide me about steps and precautions I need to follow in replacing it.

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  1. James Augustus

    To fix thermostat in Dodge Grand Caravan, you need to follow the steps given below:
    First of all put a drain pan on the floor heading down the radiator drain plug to snatch radiator fluid. Take off the drain plug at the bottom of the radiator by hand if probable. If the drain plug is unreceptive, exercise a pair of pliers and very carefully rotate the s***w to let coolant to drain until it is on the floor heading down the crosswise of the thermostat housing. Once it comes that stage, seal the drain plug by s******g it behind in. Take out the radiator hose from the thermostat housing by removing the clamp round object the hose with the help of screwdriver and forcing the hose off housing.
    Take out the nuts from the thermostat housing engaging an open socket wrench and afterward extract housing from block of the engine. Remove the old thermostat of the housing. Clean front of the thermostat housing with a piece of cotton to extract any excess gasket or debris. Also wash or clean the front of the engine block where thermostat is fixed to extract any remains.
    Now you need to set a bead of gasket seal round object the front of the engine block. Here, thermostat will be attached. Do not get gasket seal in the opening to the engine block. Install the latest thermostat for your Dodge Grand Caravan to the engine block with the thermostat. Put a bead of gasket seal round object face of the thermostat housing and place gasket granted with original thermostat to the thermostat housing. You should be sure that the gasket is aligned so that it does not stick out through possibility of housing. Place housing very carefully through thermostat and attach to drive prevent with nuts again.
    Fix the radiator hose at its place over thermostat housing and tight the clamp to make safe the hose. Fill the radiator to the top with water or coolant and attach the radiator cap again. Start the engine of the car engine and take some time to warm up so that you can verify for any leakage. It is important to make sure that the temperature of the Grand Caravan is normal.

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