Replace radio 2003 hyundai santa fe?

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I need to replace radio of my 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe. How can I change it. Please help me!

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  1. James Augustus

    Before installing new radio in your car you need to go through many steps to remove your old radio. Definitely this will take your time. For that you need to disconnect wiring cables, remove the power supply and unscrew the bolts which attach it with the dash board. After completing all this you need to do following things:
    Connect the ground cable to attach or bolt beside where the radio is climbed on in the dash. Make sure the cable is adhered.
    Connect the 12 unchanging and ignition power wires (both +/red) to the new stereo. Refer to your stereo's setting up manual to confirm these proceed to the correct places.
    Slide your new stereo into the bracket that came with it. You can replace the bracket from your aged motor vehicle radio.
    Plug in the harness connector into the back of your new radio. There should be only one lone wire rope left from your aged stereo now. This is the antenna. Plug it into your new unit. There may in addition be a power antenna wire rope which you will want to connect.
    Slide your new motor vehicle radio into the slot in the dash. Don't fasten it in yet; you'll want to investigate it first.
    Reconnect the wiring cables of your motor vehicle to the battery.
    Turn your motor vehicle on and supply the power to your new radio. Tune it to check all your speakers and assure everything works.
    s***w your new motor vehicle radio into position and put the dash cover back on.

  2. Guest10702336
    no sound in cd

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