Replace impeller on merc alpha one?

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I have MerCruiser Alpha One. Its been running smoothly for years but now it is creating problem for me. My friend checked it and advised me to replace its impeller. Please guide me that how can I replace the impeller on MerCruiser Alpha One. Thanks!

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  1. James Augustus

    The MerCruiser Alpha One Stern Drive is very popular and the most reliable power plants throughout the world for recreational boating. The Alpha One can last a lifetime if you provide proper care and maintenance. Impeller in the lower unit of the Mercruiser needs proper maintenance. Sometimes, it requires replacing it with new one. The average boating enthusiasts do it by their selves. This device play key role to the operation of the stern drive. It will cause permanent damage if the engine is running with a bad impeller.

    For replacing impeller first you need to remove the lower unit which is really a time taking thing. To remove that you will Begin at the front of the housing. First remove the all hex nuts that secure the lower unit to the upper gear housing. Be careful when removing the unit because it is bit heavier can fall.
    After removing the lower unit , you can replace the impeller. For that you first need to disband the O-ring from the drive shaft and also the water tube guide. Unscrew the nuts and s***w that protect the water pump housing and now remove the housing as well. For removing you need to Use a flat-blade screwdriver. Move the old impeller and out of the water pump base. Be careful not to lose the impeller drive key which is fixed into the drive shaft.
    Now you will use a dab of grease for holding the impeller drive key in place on the drive shaft and move the new impeller down the drive shaft. Be very sure to install the drive key properly. Now you need to turn the drive shaft clockwise for getting the housing over the impeller.
    Now install the pump housing with the nuts and s***w. Be very careful not to over-tighten. Now it is time to install a new O-ring and the water tube guide as well.

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