How can i Repair my Xbox 360?

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I am having some problem with my Xbox 360, can you tell me how can I repair my Xbox 360. Sometimes it stops working, any ideas?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    First of all you have to identify what is the problem with your Xbox 360.If there are three red rings then it is possible that your Xbox has become overheated, in this case you will need a new heat sink, and also thermal compound from radio shack. If there are 2 red rings you might need a thermal compound , a new heat sink also and compressed air to blow off the fan. If there is only one E74 which means only one red light then either Audio/Video cables will be needed or the electrical tape or 12 pennies.
    There is a little difference in the diagnosis here, as if the 360 has a red ring then you have to find 4 pennies and have to wrap them in the electrical tape. Then you have to start it from the other sides. You will see two little gray dots that you will have to push with a pointed item such as pen.
    For fixing the E74, you will be needing few things like 12 Pennies and electrical tape and then you have to take apart and then stack the pennies. You will then take 12 pennies and wrap them into the electrical tape. After that you have to stick the pennies on to the CPU chip. If all the above doesn’t work then the problem might be with your Audio/Video cables . It can be resolved by replacing the cables.

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