Rene Duval and his clarinets.

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I have question about an instrument maker whose name was Rene Duval, on behalf of a friend of mine. The question is that who actually is Rene Duval and is he still alive or has passed away? I am asking this question because my friend has a black clarinet and that was found in a basement.Quite surprisingly, there was Rene Duval's name on it which gives an impression that it was made by him or could there be any other reason?

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  1. Guest23535355

    We have a 1925 Rene-Duval Clarinet and would like anyone who can answer questions about it to email me at:

  2. Harry

    There is not much detail that could be found about Rene Duval and his instruments in general. However, it is believed that his company has dissolved and there is a big chance that Duval himself is dead. The clarinets made by Duval seem to be made sometime when he was in 1920s or 30s. For this reason, the instrument can certainly be considered as an antique instrument. The best information can be gathered by visiting a nearest music store or an antique instrument dealer. This may also help in finding out its correct market value. As far as Duval is concerned, he does not seem to be a very popular instrument maker in France. This is because there are many French musical instruments found, which are about hundred years old. Unfortunately, there are no names or stamps or names embossed on them. Yet again, the best person who would be in the best position to be answering any queries regarding such old musical instruments would be an antique instrument dealer.

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