Remvoe new folder virus

by Bilâl  |  10 years, 6 month(s) ago

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how i can remvoe new folder virus in my pc....sometime it displays new folder or sometime it looks like the name of main folder.
plz help me in this matter.....




  1. Guest27346820

      Hi Bila! Try to install an antivirus of your choice and do a complete scan of your system. Once the scan is finished, delete the detected files. You can also use Unlocker software to remove virus infected files. You can also remove newfolder.exe manually by following the steps here

    Thank you! Hope this will help you!
    Christopher Marks

  2. Kavita Martin

    first install an antivirus in your system then scan you drives it will be cleaned.

  3. Guest23091579

    well i suggest you to use nod32 and scan your system to cleaned from viruses...

  4. Sash

     As a result of Autorun USB invasion in the computers, millions of people face this nightmare in a short space of time. New folder virus usually travels all over the world by thumb drives. Don’t forget to scan your flash drive for spyware every time after your work with it in the university or corporate networks. To ensure your PC safety you should disable CD/Removable Drivers Autorun option in your Windows system.

    If you don’t eliminate Autorun exe virus infection in proper time Autorun exe’s side effects can have a reprehensible result for your machine efficiency and Internet connection quality.

    First you have to disable the process

    Now that you've killed the process, you have to delete the virus file from the system32 folder

    Now you have to enable the Task Manager & Registry Editor at Group Policy.
    Lastly, you have to search delete all the new folder.exe and run a powerful anti-virus and anti-spyware program.

  5. Kavita Martin

    use nod32 and scan your system..

  6. jacobadam

    Please use Avast and Bit difender. Both are latest Antvirus. Which is used to you could easily rmove the virus in your syste.

  7. Guest21961629

    I suppose you are here to be erased autorun exe from your machine. new folder exe creates a lot of unnecessary files, blocks Folder’s Properties and even denies an access to Task Manager. You can’t get access to directory’s option because of remove virus new folder exe. Only the one solution of this problem which i know  taht is antivirus software. This is the best and simple solution to remove new folder exe from pc. You can download antivirus software from to remove new folder virus from your pc.

  8. Vijai Bharath
    HI... try to delete the files by plugging into LINUX OS like fedora or red hat by using the permission tab of its(files) right click properties....or try to activate the user defined virus in your anti virus software console by adding the virus affected file name.....tkcr ,,,,,, waiting for any help, bye.......
  9. Guest15374582
    i want new foldar anti viras

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