Remington Fieldmaster 572

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What is Remington Fieldmaster model 572 serial A1477777 worth?

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  1. Guest24981663

    the values of these pumps are all over the board depending on condithion and actual model there were there different colors offered from tan to black to blued and several different changes in weight thourgh the years the common 572 that is available in general condition is usually worth about $200 if it is un fired in new condition it could be worth as much as $500 go to remingtons site and get the number and call their history dept and they can tell you the specifics on your rifle and the you can acurately price its worth but most are around $200 thought . I have three and they are all in good condition and worth about $200 now

  2. Guest21695419

    what is the value of a never used remington fieldmaster 572 serial # 1812327

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