Will Barry Manilow attend Relay For Life opening ceremony?

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Relay For Life is going to be the first American Cancer Society, in Costa Mesa, Ca. Administration of the Survivorship Committee has the desire to formally open the ceremonies, with some of the best and most pertinent songs, ever sung and recorded for the cancer survival cause. Barry Manilow, is the singer of I Made It Through The Rain and One Voice, that we wish to be sung in the opening ceremonies of our society. Though it’s for sure that Barry won’t make it to the opening ceremony, still I would like to know how we can obtain the tracks of his instrumental, so that we can utilize it in our own singing.

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  1. Mitchel

     In the light of your query, concerning Barry’s performance or using his recording at the opening ceremonies for your cancer survival organization, Relay For Life in Costa Mesa, CA, I will advise you to contact Mr. Garry Kief, Barry's Manager. He is the one, who manages Barry’s entire career related issues and problems. I believe he can provide you with a better solution, in this regard. You can contact him through the following address:

    Laurie :)

    Here is Mr. Kief's contact information:

    Mr. Garry Kief

    C/O Stiletto Entertainment

    8295 S. La Cienga Boulevard

    Inglewood, CA 90301

    Phone: (310) 957-5757 (Ext. 220)
    Hope, you get your problem resolved, and if anyone at Kief’s office inquires, you that from where you got this address, you can inform them about our online source.

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