Registering a TV show idea in Europe?

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Hi,I want to register the idea of my planned show,could you tell me how I can register a TV show idea in Europe,I need suggestions, thanks.

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  1. kate

    For the protection of your idea of the first step is to register the idea with the Writers Guild of America and one can do it even online. The registration procedure places preventative measures against plagiarism or unauthorized use of an author's work. While someone else may have the similar storyline or idea in his or her work, your prove lies in your presentation of your work.
    Registering your work does not forbid others from having a same storyline or theme. Rather, registering your work would potentially disallow others from using your work without your permission. Though the Registry cannot save plagiarism, it can create the registered material as well as prove the date of registration. Registering your work produces legal evidence for the material that establishes a date for the work's existence. The WGAw Registry, perform their role as a third party and it can testify for proves. The total cost of the registration is about $20.00.There is many other useful resources available in the online market regarding protection and registration.
    According to the Chambers 21st Century Dictionary an idea is a thought, image, notion or concept created by the mind, so, according to the definition an idea is a totally intangible thing. One cannot protect something that cannot be view, heard or touched, or otherwise quantified because in every applied sense it does not exist. In order to give protection of an idea, one must first make the idea exist in some tangible way. In the process of of copyright law, it is the work that realizes the idea that is protected (i.e. a document), and it is the act of managing that work that fixes copyright in the item itself.

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