How Can I repair Hail Damage on Siding?

by Guest1837  |  12 years ago

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I have Redwood siding on my house it is about 22 years old. Recently I have had some hail damage to it (denting) is there a product I can use to fill in the dents before re-painting?

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  1. Guest28232820

     Hello I think you need to consern about this issue with your local home repair expert who can suggest you best paint for repair that. However recently me alos repaired my kitchen cabinets by replacing that as thats completly damaged and got a new one from store as builderoutletusa

  2. liza amelia

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  3. James Augustus

    Fixing dents in any kind of wood can be difficult. Depending on your climate, wood can shrink and swell over a one year cycle. Living here in MN shows me wear and tear on anything outside. So you want to make sure you get a good outdoor epoxy product.

    I found a putty called \"Quikwood\" which I use on my wood repairs. It's a two part epoxy putty that you have to mix before using. It sets up quickly and can be sanded smooth. It's very similar to the one we see on that Infomercial on Billy May's \"Mighty Putty\".

    Just make sure you clean and dry the area before applying the putty. Otherwise it may not adhere to the wood. Good Luck!!!

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