Recommended tire pressure for cars.

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I have inherited a boat and trailer from my father. The dual axle trailer has Carlisle ST225/75R15 radial trailer tires, load rating D. The tires appear in good condition, and I believe they indicate a maximum 12,500 load at 65 psi. The boat and trailer weigh close to 6500 pounds. What is the recommended tire inflation pressure for this load?

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  1. Tom Reeds

    Different types of tyre pressures are recommended for different types of cars. The maximum tyre pressure is marked on the side walls and it refers to carrying a maximum load of the tire. Sometimes it also happens that it is a little different from the pressure recommended by the manufacturer. There is a vehicle owner in which there is pressure written and you car choose that pressure for your tyre but it also happens sometimes that there are pressures which vary according to the tyre you are using. Sometimes it happens that you fill up the pressure which is the required one but you still get a warning light on and due to that warning light on it means that the recommended pressure is not being filled so you need to upgrade it a little more and keep on checking until the blinking light stops. As the ride you are talking about is not considered in heavy categories so the best pressure here to use will be of 65 psi. The less load you carry it will be safe and beneficial for you and the tyres as well.

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